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Flash Interviews: 50 Kilometres Race Walk

GoldNathan DEAKES, AUS

I had my plan and executed well. I was thinking to go in front little bit later, but the French went so I overtook him at 35th km. Last five km were very tough, but I was able to manage, I did not have any major crisis during the race. It is a great feeling, records are to be broken, but nobody can take from you away the world champion title. I knew the double in this conditions will not be a good decision. Basically, It was tough, but I was already 10 days in Osaka, got used to the weather situation. You asked me about my secret, there is no secret, just hard work and lot of sacrifice. I also have great team around me. I will remember forever the feeling when I came into the stadium and it was clear I'm the champion. It was quite emotional. I think it was my 10th 50 km, so great jubilee. For next year at Olympics I want to try the double. But 50 km is always long way, we will see. 

Silver - Yohan DINIZ, FRA

The race was hard with difficult conditions and the body will need time to recover. I confirmed my previous results. I started cautiously and my strategy paid off. The gold wasn't out of reach but it wasn't for me today. Nathan Deakes was too strong. I was strong too but not at my top technically. I got two warnings when I surged at 30km to catch the leading pack. After that I preferred to save my chances to get a medal and controlled the race to maintain my lead over the Italian and the Russian.
Since 2004 I've dedicated myself a lot into training. I believe in myself, I know what I've been doing in training and am able to deliver in competition. I knew I had the potential to go for a really fast time close to the world record but the weather conditions didn't allow it. 

Bronze - Alex SCHWAZER, ITA

I am very disappointed. Unfortunately my race was not the best one tactically speaking. I started too slow and then I could not catch up with the best. In these conditions, I wanted to be cautious, but now I know that I was too cautious. Having not made any experience with these weather conditions, I did not know at which pace to walk, how fast I could do it. I coped with the heat by keeping my body temperature always as cool as possible. Maybe I will be able to rejoice my medal, to appreciate it in the evening.