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Flash Interviews: 5000 m Men Final

GoldBernard LAGAT, USA

This double means a lot to me. The story I was following was the one by Hicham El Guerrouj in Athens. I wanted to do the same, because he inspired me. He is wonderful man and friend. I decided about my double only after London. In Osaka I had stomach problems at the beginning of my stay, but now finally all is OK. Also the conditions today were good. I was surprised that the pace was so slow, that was good for me. Everybody waited until the last lap. I was waiting until the last 100 m. I think I ran a smart race. I was running 52.8 at last 400 m? That is awesome. But where is my son? [Lagat held his son, Miika, through the 1,500m interviews on Wednesday.] For next year, Olympics, all options are possible. To double or to run one of 1500 or 5000.

Silver - Eliud KIPCHOGE, KEN

I thought I would get a gold medal in 2007. This year, I trained very well and my body is OK. The race was slow. I think I made a mistake in the last 50 metres. Lagat closed very fast and I didn't increase the pace. I realized he passed and I tried to go again, but it was too late. I wish the finish had been 10 metres farther; I would have won the race. I celebrate my silver, but my mind and my heart is not for silver. But it has happened and I need to accept it. Next time I will keep watch. This one has gone.

Bronze - Moses Ndiema KIPSIRO, UGA

I thank God very much for clinching a medal at my first world championships. The race started very slowly, but with three laps to go the pace got much faster and in the end I couldn't maintain. In the last few meters, I felt someone was coming back on me. I saw behind and had just time to lean forward. I prepared for the competition at Mount Elgo. Right now, I don't have a coach. My manager Ricky Simms sends me plans. I wish I had a coach to work on speed.