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General News Gold Medallist

Flash Interviews - Men 4x100m Final

Gold MedallistFRANCE
1st leg, Ladji DOUCOURE:
"This is my second medal, and they are both gold. It was a team of 6 who worked very hard to get this far. I mean we just really really wanted it, that is why it was possible."

"Before coming to Helsinki I imagined winning two medals, maybe two bronzes, but this really is a dream because I know have two gold medals!"

Silver Medallist - TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO
1st leg, Pierre KEVON:
"We have to be content with the silver medal, but seeing that it was so close I can not help thinking that the exchanging could have been a little more fluent. But I will take the silver for now anyways."

"At the start I was a little bit confused, because I could not understand what the starter said. I was unsure if it was 'set' or 'stand up'. I think we should have an international language for something like this."

2nd leg, Marc BURNS:
"I am a little bit disappointed, because we had one of our fastest guys injured, but we came here loaded and wanted to have a good run."

Bronze Medallist - GREAT BRITAIN
1st leg, Jason GARDENER:
"I am very pleased to get a medal here. That was the first medal at the World Championships for Britain. An injury robbed the team, as Christian MALCOLM had cramps during the final."

4th leg, Mark LEWIS-FRANCIS:
"A medal and the season's best is an achievement in a championships final."

2nd leg, Marlon DEVONISH:
"If you look at the circumstances, and where we ended up in the individual competitions, this is a great achievement, but you have to remember, that this is a team event. I am happy for the medal."