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Flash Interviews - Men Long Jump Final

Gold MedallistDwight PHILLIPS, USA
"This second World Championship gold feels great. This is one of the very top ranked competitions I've had. The athmosphere was awesome. I totally understand that the crowd was supporting the Finn (EVILÄ) but we all got great support."

"I wasn't concerned about the other athletes. I was focusing only on my own performace. After the first jump I still wanted to jump far, break the world record."

"Now my next goal is to break the WR. I have promised Mike Powell to break it. In the following competitions that is the only thing I am concentrating on."

Silver Medallist - Ignisious GAISAH, GHA
"I am very delighted and happy. I had a feeling that I can make it today. I was worried in the last round only for EVILA, because the homecrowd was supporting him and he was in a great form. Anyway, I knew already at that point that I will get a medal."

"I had some cramps in my legs during the competition. My coach advised me to keep myself as warm as possible. But I am very pleased to be able to jump my season's best today with these cramps. I could still jump relaxed. I am still young and I know I have the possibility to jump around 8.50 metres. My goal for this season is still to break the African record(8.46m)."

Bronze Medallist - Tommi EVILÄ, FIN
"After the first jump I had to move my mark 15 centimeters back. The second jump was also a foul and I moved the mark again 15 cm back. I told my coach how much I moved it and he gave me thumbs up and shouted 'Your approach is excellent!'."

"When I came here, I believed I can medal and it feels good to do so."

"Me and my coach (father Juhani EVILÄ) are on our way, today it was enough for the third place but if I just stay healthy I don't see why it couldn't take us even further."