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Flash Interviews - Women 5000m Final

Gold MedallistTirunesh DIBABA ETH
"It was a fast race. I had a tight fight with with Meseret (DEFAR). I was able to pick up my speed and kick past her."

"I have been training on my speed. I've trained with 400m kicks to get the speed."

"I am very happy for the sweep. I wanted my team mates to run well, too. I am proud of Ethiopia and Africa."

For myself, I wanted to win the both races and I did. I am planning to do that next time again. I cannot decide which I like better the 5000m or the 10000m.

Silver Medallist - Meseret DEFAR ETH
"This sweep was not really a surprise. We have been training hard and getting ready for these championships. We knew we had this chance."

"It was a hard race for me. Very fast in this kind of weather."

The 5000m is my favourite distance. I will continue with this distance."

Bronze Medallist - Ejegayehu DIBABA ETH
"I am very happy I was able to get a second medal in two competitions. When I came here from Ethiopia I was supposed to run only the 10000m but they decided to put me in 5000m, too.

"I was quite tired after the first race but today I felt ok. The weather suited me well."