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Flash Interviews Women 800 m Final

Ana Fidelia Quirot (CUB) Gold "After the medals of Javier and Yoelvis, I wasn't sure if I would be able to fulfil the expectations of El Comandante (Fidel Castro) and the people of Cuba. I was thinking the whole night about this and could hardly sleep. My tactic was to push in the last 80 metres. About Seville, I can't yet say." -Yelena Afanasyeva (RUS) Silver "You will not believe it, but twice I dreamed that I would end this race in second. So I put the following sentence on a piece of paper: 'I was second', and put it in a book called the Soviet Encyclopaedia, 2 days before departure. As you see, dreams do come true!" -Maria Mutola (MOZ) Bronze "I just don't know, I just lost the race! I went out today panning to run faster than that but it just didn't happen. You win or you lose. I lost and I accept that!"