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Flash Interviews: women's 20km race walk


I was going on my pace, in my race. I was not watching the others, just my own with the goal to win. I think also technically it went well and I did not had any difficulties also concerning weather. My brother sent me before the race a very nice sms message, but I can't tell you the content. This gold is for my coach, my family, all my relatives. We had great support here from our team, we were well prepared. Olimpiada was not in the best shape, but my teammate Tatyana from the same training group won silver so that is great success for Mordovia and City of Saransk. I will  compete there at the Challenge Final in September, next year the goals are World Cup in Russia and Olympic Games. I came here on Sunday, but that was ok. Five days before we spent in Vladivostok and got used to time difference. To be world champion after 2.5 years of serious walking training is great. 

Silver - Tatyana SHEMYAKINA, RUS

I believed into myself and my coach. After I won the European under 23 championships I got selected for Osaka and then my ambitions started. I just followed the advice of our coach and it paid off. We are strong group of walkers, about forty back home in Saransk. I love this city, we have great support there from local authorities. The weather was ok, although during the rain there was also a strong wind. I'm training for walking already for six years, that was my first sport. 

Bronze - María VASCO, ESP After my 15th place at the European Championships in Gothenburg I thought about giving up race walking. I had mental problems in competitions because since the 2000 Olympic Games I had not won a medal in a major competition anymore. Moreover, my dad died last year in March. The medal is for him.
My husband who is also my coach helped me a lot with all my problems. I am a very stong person.
During the race, I kept an eye on the second Russian, but I did my own race, controlled my time etc. Concerning the weather condiditions, we had everything except snow today: heat, wind, rain - but it was ok for me.
After getting disqualified at the Spanish National Championships, I worked a lot on my technique which has improved now.
This is a special moment for me, I really enjoy it!