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Girls Triple Jump Final

15yearold and World Youth leader Dailenis Alcantara of Cuba confirmed her superiority as she won the Girls’ Triple Jump final with a second round best effort 13.63m.

Although she performed well off her personal best 14.21m, four of her six valid jumps would have been good for winning today as she put together a series which also included 13.48 and 13.46 marks.

Runner up was Cuba’s second jumper Yosleidis Rivalta whose first and only valid jump of the competition was measured at 13.32m.

Slovenia’s Maja Bratkic grabbed bronze with a last round effort of 12.96m which backed up her opening jump of 12.85m – which would also have sufficed for a medal.

Alcantara follows on the footsteps of compatriot Mabel Gay who won gold at the opening edition of the World Youth Championships.