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Gold - Allyson FELIX, USA

It is very special for me to win here in Berlin. I have worked really hard. I defended my title - I cannot ask for more. I am very happy here. Compare my two titles? They are all different. But this one happened in a stadium with a lot of history. So this is definitely something special for me. I feel like I got a decent start. Veronica got a phenomenal start. I was very confident about my strength. Now, I am lookin forward to the 4x100m relay. I hope I am still on it.

I've always strived for gold, but considering my circumstances this year, it's OK. I always give out my best.

It was not a bad race. The curves were a little bit more difficult for me, so I have to hold on with a bronze medal. I worked hard for it and I am satisfied even if I am slight disappointed because I wanted to run better time - at least a new PB. But the season is still not over. I was quite nervous before the final but I realized it and I told to myself to not to panic and just run for that. I would be thankfull with any medal. The time delay was very tiring but everybody had to cope with it and get ready for the race.