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General News After the second throw


After the second throwthe world record, I was quite sure that the others will not get close to it, so I just kind of took a rest. I am glad that even the German Heidler had the biggest support in the home crowd, I was able to find enough energy to show my best. I was also watching the Usain Bolt in the relays if it was going to be the World Record and then I just enjoyed the time. Maybe it was a surprise that I threw a new WR but after the first attempt I knew I can throw very far. My family came from Poland to support me but maybe they were little bit upset that I did not try even for more. I realized that I am in the best shape of my life.

(to the audience) You are just about the limit!
(to the media)This competition was phenomenal, fantastic with a WR, a NR and so many PBs. This medal does definitely also have a golden gleam! I lost gold, but I won the silver medal. This was the best competition of my life. I was not surprised that Wlodarcyk threw so far. I am so proud of myself, of the audience and the people who supported me. After my fifth throw - which already was good - I knew that I could do even better. This was sooo cool. My last threw felt really good, so amazing! When Wlodarcyk broke the WR, I was not bothered. For me it was important to do my own competition, I needed to do my own thing, to finish my own thing. I am happy for Anita. It was so great to go into the ring and to know that I was going to do it right, that I was going to be able to show what I am capable of. There is nothing that puts up to this. This is the top!

Finally it happened. I believed I could get a medal since the beginning till the end of the competition. I am satisfied with my performance because the 2nd place was really little bit too far for me. I want to dedicate this medal to my both coaches and I am really in hurry to pick my cell phone and to call my husband, who could not come here to support me. I must say that all my disappointments are worth this medal. I will celebrate with my fanclub which is waiting for me here.