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Gold - Dani SAMUELS, AUS

It's just amazing. I had not really set my mark yet in the senior ranks since my world junior title three years ago. It all came together at the right time. Last year the age factor got me a little bit. It's been fantastic. I kew I could throw 64m, but that had not happened yet. I'm glad I could do it under pressure. The fact I was happy and relaxed worked in my favour. My goal for London is to throw around 70m, but it will take some time. Next year I first have to get consistent.

Next time I want to win the gold medal! I am very satisfied. Now I know that I can have my best throw in the last attempt. This is an excellent lesson from Berlin for me. I think that we had very good conditions for a throwing event. It was not too cold and the rain before the final did not bother me. It liked it the way it was.

I'm very glad for the medal. It makes up for my failure in Beijing where I was first in the world but finished last in the final. Strangely, this year the same also happened to the American Brown Trafton. I'm now the athletes with most world medals in the event, and I'm looking to go on despite my age.