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Gold - Dwight PHILLIPS, USA

In this final there were a lot of great athletes. I feel so great. When Godfrey jumped 8.47m in his second attempt and led by seven centimetres, I was not worried about him. Because at my first attempt with 8.40m I was ten centimetres behind the board. So I knew I was going to jump more because I was so well prepared. Now I three titles from World championships! It feels so great. After last year, everybody thought I was gone and done. So, in the winter I sat down with my coach and my wife and my family. And I came back!

The competition was very nice. I have the silver medal, I can't complain. I was disappointed with the first attempt a no-jump because it went far, but that's part of the game. After that, I said to myself, just go for it. It was quite close between Dwight and I, but I gave it all I could.

Before the competition I was looking in the direction of the podium and was thinking about how it would be great to be there. I feel so proud. After the qualification nobody expected scenario like this. I was hoping for 3rd - 4th place but only in my dreams. I still do not believe it. In the morning I got a message from Thomson who had the same coach and finished 4th in Athens. He told me to be confident and to not to worry. I am so happy and still shocked. I was never really sort of planning to win the World championships, so I am very happy to be in the top 3. I was not even doing athletics the year before the Olympics. I was just watching the athletes on the TV and now I beat most of them.

It was a pity. I do not know what happened today. I felt good and I was well prepared. I have a little error in my approach. I am sure that next championships will be much more successful for me. I do not have any physical problems. But I am going to end this season. No more jumping this year.