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Gold - Vivian CHERUIYOT, KEN

With our team we decided to go at a fast pace, to push. We did not know how the others could do their final lap. It has been such a long time that Kenya has not gotten the gold medal in the 5.000m. I think we are coming now!
I got the silver medal in Osaka and today I improved to the gold medal. It is so great to be a champion! It was all a team effort. We prayed for this gold medal and God gave it to us. On my last 100m I was pushing so hard, pushing, pushing. I like fast races because if the race is not fast, there can be still ten athletes in the last lap at the same time. Anybody can win then with a good sprint. After Masai, who has the same agent as me, won the 10 k race, she encouraged me to be self confident. She was my biggest inspiration and I believed I can beat Defar.

I'm very grateful to have a medal after I was 4th in Osaka and 4th again in Beijing. This morning we watched the marathon until 1 o'clock then had lunch and then a little rest. We started to accelerate in the 6th lap, but we prepared a lot for the last lap, because they always beat up in the last lap.

I'm very disappointed because I have a bronze medal from the 10,000, but I expected I was going to get gold today, but I was not successful. I am very sad. The pace was not too fast. I was confident I could win a gold medal but I don't know what happened. After the 10,000, I was sick. I had problems with my stomach and a cold and my leg.

We tried to control the pace but the Kenyans took control. I tried my best.