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General News

Gold - Xue BAI, CHN

This was my first time to take part in World championships and only my second time to take part in an international marathon. I am very happy to be the champion. In the past few weeks I trained hard in the highlands of Douba. I had not pressure and was very relaxed. When I came here I did not think at all that I could win the gold medal. My only aim was to show a good performance and to do well in the World Cup with the team. Now my next aim is to win the gold medal at the 2012 Olympics.

During the race I kept my rhythm. Surprisingly I was able to run very relaxed and easy until 30km. And at the last 2km I was able to give everything I had. Before the start I was hoping for the top eight. As the race progressed with all the people getting off or getting behind me I saw that it was not easy for the others. So then I knew: 'Oh, I can get a medal!' I won a silver medal, so next time I want the gold medal. Now I have someting to fulfill.

[Aselefech Mergia was carried into the changing tent after the race.]