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Gold - Yaroslav RYBAKOV, RUS

It is outstanding because it was such a difficult competition. Till now, I used to get only silver medals. Thanks god for the victory. I do not know how I feel right now, I am just happy. I do not know what to do now - wheather to cry or to smile or just to look at the sky and thank God. I won but the weather was so bad. However, all the guys had the same conditions and had to cope with it. I think we could have shown even higher jumps. I expected it much higher but the situation was hard today.

I felt very good today. After the qualifications went very well, I came for the medal. It was my third participation at the World Championships. In Helskinki, I didn't advance from the qualifications, in Osaka I was third, now I'm second. If I can keep it going like that... I also would have like to clear 2.35m like in Osakam but there were some mistakes in my technique. Tonight, I'm drinking, drinking, drinking and again drinking.

The best thing that could have happened just happened. This feeling is soooo good. I even do not know what to say. I managed to improve my PB with 4 cm and I did it at the world championships - that is the best timing. It is much better than if I jumped it somewhere on the meeting. I handled the weather well. I am so amazed but it is truth. This year is very successful for me - two big medals in a row. I think I will go crazy at the podium but I am not going to faint.

I feel incredibly great. I could have cleared the 2.35m in my last attempt if I had not stumbled. But never mind - I got the bronze! I reached my aim for this year which was to place better than in Beijing where I came fifth. I already like the noise the crowd made in Beijing but this audience here in Berlin was even better. Sometimes in training I put water on the track in order to train on wet soil and to get used to such weather conditions. Having to wait for such a long time was not easy. Four physiotherapists were putting their hands on me. And I wanted to reward them with a good result. Thanks to my physiotherapists. I let myself get taken away by the noise of the crowd instead of being relaxed and easy I was too doggedly. And if you are too dogged, you cannot be light. But you have to be light in high jump because high jump is like flying. I should have concentrated more and stayed focussed. I do not think that I will get some sleep before 4am.