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Heptathlon - Event One - 100m Hurdles

South Africa’s Justine Robbeson ran a personal best time of 13.56 seconds in the first event of the women’s Junior Heptathlon competition, the 100m Hurdles to steal the day from the winner of the other heat, Jessica Ennis of Great Britain who crossed the finish line in 13.57.

The hundredth of a second difference gave Robbeson a one point lead to start her day with 1041 points.

Gayle Hunter of USA was the nest fastest finisher, earning 1023 points from her second place finish behind Robbeson in 13.69.France’s Diane Barras and Germany’s Kathrin Geissler both scored 983 points from their, respective, 2nd and 3rd places.

Antoinette Djmou from France (13.99, 980 pts), Nadina Marsh from Jamaica (13.98, 981 pts) and Cecilia Ricali of Italy (14.18, 953 pts) were the other contenders to better 950 points in this first event of the Heptathlon competition.

Gyorgyi Farkas (HUN) scored 945 with her new personal best of 14.24.