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Heptathlon - Event Six - Javelin Throw

A 54.16 metres seasonal best throw for Justine Robbeson took the South African to the head of the standings, as she picked up 941 points for this third round throw – 113 more thank anyone else competing in her group.

Of the leaders, only Zemaityte was remotely close to Robbeson with 42.51 from her final attempt and she was to benefit from this, as did Julia Machtig (GER), who picked up 665 points from her best effort of 39.88 to move up into third place and France’s Antoinette Djimou who earned 728 points from a 43.18 launch that put her fourth.

Ennis and Geissler can certainly not include the Javelin Throw amongst their stronger events, with a best throw for Ennis of 28.04 and 28.86 for Geissler dropping them right back in the standings to seventh and fifth, respectively. Russian Marina Goncharova moved up to sixth position after throwing a new Personal Best of  43.02 for 725 points and a 6-event total of 4712.

From 105 points separating the first 5 after five events, we now have 228 points separating Robbeson (5239) from Zemaityte (5001) and 442 points between first and fifth places.