Harumi Hiroyama winning the 2006 Nagoya Women's Marathon (Kazutaka Eguchi/Agence SHOT) © Copyright
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Hiroyama over Shibui in Nagoya Marathon

Passing Yoko Shibui with one kilometre to go, Harumi Hiroyama, ran to a 2:23:26 victory at the Nagoya International Women’s Marathon.

“It was a hard race from about the half way, but I wasn’t about to give up,” said Hiroyama, who overcame a 57 second deficit at 30 Km to win her first marathon at age 37. “After 35 kilometres I was able to see Shibui ahead of me, but I could not close the gap fast enough.”

Shibui, a former World record holder in the Marathon, took the lead immediately within the Mizuho stadium, reaching the first kilometre in 3:14. Continuing to lead, Shibui reached the 5Km mark in 16:42, building a five second lead over the nine runner chase pack. Although she extended her lead to 15 seconds at one point, a lead pack of six regained contact by the 10th kilometer. But Shibui broke away again and ran virtually alone, reaching the half in 1:10:24, more than two minutes ahead of Naoko Takahashi’s course record. But Shibui may have been too ambitious with her pace, for although she denied that it affected her training, she did have some injury problems in January.

By the 25th kilometre (1:23:33) though, Shibui began to slow, covering the five kilometers between 25 and 30 in 17 minutes. Slowing even more after 30 kilometres, Hiroyama began to make up ground. By the 40th kilometre, Hiroyama managed to cut to deficit to 20 seconds.

With slightly more than one kilomtre to go, Hiroyama finally pulled ahead to of a faltering Shibui to win by more than 30 seconds.

While shy of her 2:22:56 personal best, Hiroyama was pleased.

“I finally won a marathon. I will continue to run the marathon in the future, so I hope my fans will continue to cheer me along the course.”
Ken Nakamura with assistance from Akihiro Onishi for the IAAF

(weather: rain; temperature 11.1C; humidity: 86%; wind 1.9m/s North)

1. Harumi Hiroyama, 2:23:26
2. Yoko Shibui, 2:23:58
3. Chika Horie, 2:28:01
4. Alina Tecta Gherasim (ROM), 2:29:30
5. Yuko Machida, 2:29:48
6. Yasuko Hashimoto, 2:29:53
7. Ayumi Hayashi, 2:29:59
8. Hiromi Ominami, 2:30:23
9. Seboka Mulu (ETH), 2:30:41
10. Mika Hikichi, 2:31:03
11. Alina Ivanova (RUS), 2:32:23
12. Maya Nishio, 2:33:15
13. Kazue Ogoshi, 2:34:08
14. Miho Notagashira, 2:35:49 

Yoko Shibui  16:42
Natalya Berkut  16:47
Alevtina Ivanova  16:47
Grazyna Syrek  16:48
Kazue Ogoshi  16:48
Harumi Hiroyama  16:48
Yoko Shibui  33:38  (16:56)
Alevtina Ivanova  33:38
Grazyna Syrek  33:38
Natalya Berkut  33:38
Harumi Hiroyama  33:38
Yoko Shibui  50:14  (16:36)
Alevtina Ivanova  50:35
Harumi Hiroyama  50:35 
Yoko Shibui  1:06:44  (16:30)
Alevtina Ivanova  1:07:23
Harumi Hiroyama  1:07:23
Yoko Shibui  1:10:24 
Yoko Shibui  1:23:33  (16:49)
Harumi Hiroyama  1:24:17
Yoko Shibui  1:40:33  (17:00)
Harumi Hiroyama  1:41:30
Yoko Shibui  1:58:03  (17:30)
Harumi Hiroyama  1:58:42
Yoko Shibui  2:15:54  (17:51)
Harumi Hiroyama  2:16:14