Mohamed Farah of Great Britain celebrates as he crosses the finish line ahead of Bernard Lagat of the USA to claim victory in the men's 5000 metres final (Getty Images) © Copyright
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Host nation announces squad of 72 for London Olympics

A squad of 72 will represent Great Britain in athletics at the XXX Olympic Games in London, the British Olympic Association has announced.

The team roster, including relay members and reserves follows.


Sprints and Relays:
Adam Gemili – 100m and 4 x 100m (age: 18, born: London, lives: Dartford) - Michael Afilaka
Dwain Chambers – 100m and 4 x 100m (age: 34, born: London, Lives: London) Stuart McMillan
James Dasaolu- 100 and 4x100m (age: 24, born: Croydon, lives: Loughborough) - Kevin Tyler
Christian Malcolm- 200m and 4x100m (age: 33, born: Cardiff, lives: Newport) - Stuart McMillan
James Ellington- 200m and 4x100m (age: 26, born: Lewisham, lives: London - John Powell
Martyn Rooney- 400m and 4x400m (age: 25, born: Croydon, lives: Loughborough) - Nick Dakin
Conrad Williams- 400m and 4x400m (age: 30, born: Kingston, Jamaica, lives: Hither Green) - Linford Christie
Nigel Levine- 400m* and 4x400m (age: 23, born: Bedford, lives: Bedford) - Linford Christie
Danny Talbot – 4x100m (age 21, born: Sailisbury, lives: Trowbridge) - Dan Cossins
Simeon Williamson – 4x100m (age: 26, born: London, lives: Enfield) - Glen Mills
Mark Lewis-Francis – 4x100m (age: 29, born: Birmingham, lives: London) - Linford Christie
Richard Buck- 4x400m (age: 25, born: York, lives: Loughborough) - Kevin Tyler
Luke Lennon-Ford – 4x400m (age: 23, born: Sutton Coldfield, lives: London) - Linford Christie
Rob Tobin- 4x400m (age: 28, born: Lincoln, lives: Basingstoke) - Dan Pfaff

Middle & Long Distances:
Andrew Osagie- 800m (age: 24, born: Harlow, lives: Twickenham) - Craig Winrow
Michael Rimmer – 800m (age: 26, born: Southport, lives: Manchester) - Norman Poole
Gareth Warburton – 800m (age: 30, born: Kingston upon Hull, lives Wales) - Darrell Maynard
Ross Murray- 1500m (age: 22, born: Gateshead, lives: Twickenham) - Craig Winrow
Andrew Baddeley- 1500m (age: 30, born: Merseyside lives: London) - Andrew Hobdel
Nick McCormick- 5000m (age:30, born: Newcastle, lives: Loughborough) - Lindsay Dunn
Mo Farah- 5,000 and 10,000 (age:28, born: Somalia, lives: Portland, USA) - Alberto Salazar
Chris Thompson – 10,000m (age: 31, born: Barrow-in-Furness, lives Oregon USA) - Mark Rowland
Stuart Stokes – 3000mSC (age: 35, born: Bolton, lives: Bolton) - self

Lawrence Clarke- 110mh (age: 22, born: London, lives: Bath) - Malcolm Arnold
Andrew Pozzi- 110mh (age: 19, born: Leamington Spa, lives: Bristol) - Malcolm Arnold
Andy Turner- 110mh (age: 31, born: Nottingham, lives: Sutton) - Lloyd Cowan
Dai Greene- 400mh and 4x400m (age: 26, born: Llanelli, lives: Trowbridge) - Malcolm Arnold
Jack Green- 400mh and 4x400m (age: 20, born: Maidstone, lives: Bath) - Malcolm Arnold
Rhys Williams – 400mh (age: 28, born: Cardiff, lives: London) - Dan Pfaff

Robbie Grabarz- high jump (age: 24, born: Enfield, lives: Birmingham) - Fuzz Ahmed
Steve Lewis- pole vault (age: 26, born: Stoke on Trent, lives:London) - Dan Pfaff
Greg Rutherford- long jump (age: 24, born: Milton Keynes, lives: Milton Keynes) - Dan Pfaff
Chris Tomlinson- long jump (age: 30, born: Middlesbrough, lives: London) - Frank Attoh
Philips Idowu- triple jump (age: 33, born: Hackney, lives: Birmingham) - Aston Moore

Mervyn Luckwell – javelin (age: 27, born: Milton Keynes, lives: Loughborough) - Esa Utrainian
Lawrence Okoye- discus (age: 20, born: Croydon, lives Croydon) - John Hillier
Brett Morse – discus (age: 23, born:Cardiff, lives: Penarth) - Vesteinn Hafsteinsson
Abdul Buhari – discus (age: 30, born: Nigeria, lives: London) - Mark Wiseman
Carl Myerscough – Shotput (age: 32, born: Blackpool, lives: USA) - self
Alex Smith – Hammer (age:24, born: Hull, lives Hull) - Shane Peacock

Combined Events and Walks:
Daniel Awde – Decathlon (age: 24, born: Essex, lives Essex) - Greg Richards
Dominic King – 50k Walk (age: 29. Born: Colchester. Lives: Colchester) - Andi Drake


Sprints and Relays:
Abi Oyepitan – 100m and 200m (age: 32, born: London , lives: London) - Tony Lester
Anyika Onuora- 100m* and 200m (age: 27, born: Liverpool, lives: London) - Christine Bowmaker
Margaret Adeoye- 200m (age: 27, born: London, lives: London) - Linford Christie
Christine Ohuruogu- 400m and 4x400m (age: 28, born: London, lives: London) - Lloyd Cowan
Shana Cox- 400m and 4x400m (age: 27, born: Brooklyn, USA, lives: London) - Lloyd Cowan
Lee McConnell – 400m* and 4x400m (age: 33, born: Glasgow, lives: Glasgow) - Rodger Harkins
Marilyn Okoro- 4x400m (age: 27, born: London, lives: London) - Ayo Falola
Nicola Sanders- 4x400m (age: 30, born: High Wycombe,lives: Bourne End) - Tony Lester
Emily Diamond – 4x400m (age:21 born: Bristol, lives: Bristol) - Jared Deacon

Middle & Long Distances:
Lynsey Sharp – 800m (age: 21, born: Edinburgh, lives: Edinburgh ) - Dave Sunderland
Laura Weightman- 1500m (age: 21, born: Alnwick, lives: Leeds) - Steve Cram
Lisa Dobriskey- 1500m (age:28, born: Ashford, lives:Loughborough) - Ricky Soos
Hannah England- 1500m (age: 25, born: Oxford, lives: Birmingham) - Bud Baldaro
Jo Pavey- 5000m and 10,000m (age: 38, born: Exeter, lives: Exeter) - Gavin Pavey
Julia Bleasdale – 5000m and 10,000m (age: 30, born: Surry, lives: Surrey) Nick Bideau
Barbara Parker- 5000m and 3000mSC (age:29, born: King’s Lynn, lives: California, USA) - Sean Burris
Eilish McColgan- 3000mSC (age: 21, born: Dundee, lives: Carnousie ) - Liz McColgan

Tiffany Porter- 100mh (age: 24, born: Michigan, USA, lives: London) - James Henry
Perri Shakes-Drayton- 400mh and 4x400m (age: 23, born: London, lives: London) - Chris Zah
Eilidh Child- 400mh and 4x400m (age:25, born: Perth, lives: Kinross/Bath) - Malcolm Arnold

Holly Bleasdale- pole vault (age: 20, born: Preston, lives: Chorley) - Julien Raffali Ebezent
Kate Dennison- pole vault (age:28, born: Durban, SA, lives: Loughborough) - Scott Simpson
Shara Proctor- long jump (age: 23, born: Anguilla, lives: Atlanta, USA) - Rana Reider
Yamile Aldama – triple jump (age: 39, born: Havana, Cuba,lives: London) - Frank Attoh

Sophie Hitchon- hammer (age: 20, born: Burnley, lives: Loughborough) - Derek Evely
Goldie Sayers- javelin (age: 29, born: Newmarket, lives: London) - Dan Pfaff

Combined Events and Walks:
Jessica Ennis- heptathlon and 100mh (age: 26, born: Sheffield, lives: Sheffield) - Toni Minichiello
Katarina Johnson-Thompson – heptathlon (age: 18, born: Liverpool, lives: Liverpool) - Mike Holmes
Louise Hazel- heptathlon – heptathlon (age: 26, born: Southwark, lives: Birmingham) - Aston Moore
Johanna Jackson 20km walk (age: 27, born: Middlesbrough, lives: Leeds ) Andi Drake

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