Jamaica's Dexter Lee after his 100m heat (Getty Images) © Copyright
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'I think I jumped the gun,' Lee suffers shock DQ in 200 heats

Moments after being disqualified for a false start in the men’s 200m first round heats a smiling Dexter Lee stood before a handful of international media who’d braved the downpour to watch him run.

As he dried himself off with a towel the 2008 and 2010 World Junior 100m champion barely contained his laughter. But one had the sense it was an embarassed laughter what with all the expectations placed on his shoulders to attempt the 100-200m double here in Moncton.

It is of course no joking matter and the Jamaican will no doubt go back to his coach and replay the race over and over.

“I think I was a little bit tired from the long delay last night,” he finally said. “I was taking a long time to urinate at the anti doping.  I was tired but now I will just focus on the 4 x 100 relay.”

Lee was one of three athletes in his heat to be disqualified for a false start. the other being France’s Jeffrey John and Hensley Paulina of the Dutch Antilles. Asked if he had celebrated his 100m gold medal last night Lee smiled once more.

“Yes sure, I just went to the hotel and enjoyed myself,” he responded. “I didn’t get to have any dinner because it was too late.”

As he continued to smile and emit a positive exterior he did finally admit his disappointment.

“Yes, I am a little disappointed. I was sure about the 100m but I was not sure about the 200m, I wanted a medal,” he allowed. “I still have the 4 x 100m. My coach wont say thing about this.”

“I think I jumped the gun. I was about 80% ready I think, I just  jumped the gun. The rain wasn’t a factor but it was a little cold. Everything felt right in the warmup.”

Tonight he intends to return to the University of Moncton stadium to support  his former Herbert Morrison High School (Montego Bay) teammate, Canadian 400m finalist Alistair Moona. The pair trained together in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Paul Gains for the IAAF