IAAF Editorial Senior Manager Chris Turner, IAAF Ambassador Mike Powell, and IAAF Communications Director Nick Davies at the IAAF Daily Media briefing in Berlin (Laura Arcoleo) © Copyright
General News Berlin, Germany

IAAF DAILY MEDIA BRIEFING - Aug 21 - Berlin 2009

The IAAF Daily Briefing for media was held ahead of today’s seventh evening session of the 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics (21).

The guests attending from the IAAF were Communications Director Nick Davies, Competition Director Paul Hardy, and IAAF Ambassador Mike Powell, the two-time World Long Jump champion and retired holder of the World record for the discipline.

Mike Powell -

On the chances of his World Long Jump record which he has held since Tokyo 1991 being broken:

“Dwight Phillips is in the kind of shape that he can do it. If any athlete can jump 8.50 consistently then he can do it.”

On Usain Bolt:

“There is no describing what he did. Bolt is at a level I have never seen an athlete at before and he can still get technically better.”

“He could be fantastic at the 400m and even the long jumping, if I coached him of course and took a cut of this earning,” laughed Powell.

“What Bolt’s doing is phenomenal, you can’t put it into words. When I saw him run I thought it was ridiculous, he has taken running to a different level through sheer athleticism. He is unparalleled in world sport in comparison to other stars like Schumacher or Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan.”

“Winning is very contagious and Bolt has caught that.”

“He knows he is number one, he knows he’s special, you are dealing with a freak of nature.”

“The biggest challenge for him would be that he gets bored.”

“He knows he is number one, he knows he’s special, you are dealing with a freak of nature. The biggest challenge for him would be that he gets bored.”

Chris Turner
IAAF Editorial Senior Manager


Anti-Doping News

* The IAAF has received notification from the Kreisha Laboratory that Ms Amaka Ogoegbunam (NGR) has tested positive for the substance Metenolone (an anabolic steroid) from a urine sample collected in-competition following a Women’s 400m hurdles semi final on August 18.
* The athlete has been provisionally suspended and will not take part in any further competition (she was due to compete in the 4x400m NGR relay team).
* The athlete did not request analysis of the B sample.
* Standard IAAF results management procedures will now be followed and no further comments made on this case by the IAAF.
Please note that IAAF has not been notified of any other positive tests.


SPECTATORS NUMBERS - Olympic stadium - Berlin 2009

NOTE: stadium is 56,000 ticket capacity PLUS members of the IAAF family and some volunteers.

Fri 21 Aug, Day 7

Evening: 42,378

NOTE - Morning - 50km Race Walk in city centre; no competition in stadium

Thu 20 Aug, Day 6:

Overall TOTAL - 90,451

Morning: 32,514
Evening: 57,937

Wed 19 Aug, Day 5:

Overall TOTAL - 52,470

Morning - 20,312
Evening - 32,158

TUE 18 Aug, Day 4:

Overall TOTAL -  49,848

Morning - 19,951
Evening -  29,897

MON 17 Aug, Day 3:

NOTE - No morning session was held

TOTAL - 30,496 (evening only)

SUN 16 Aug, Day 2:

Overall TOTAL - 74,413

Morning - 23,300
Evening - 51,113

SAT 15 Aug, Day 1:

Overall TOTAL: 67,846

Morning: 25,300
Evening: 42,546