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IAAF New Studies in Athletics current issue (1/2-2012) - Contents


Special TopicThe 400m Hurdles

By Jurgen Schiffer

Athlete Typology and Training Strategy in the 400 Metres Hurdles
By Janusz Iskra

Kinematic Analysis of the Women's 400m Hurdles
By Kenny Guex

Applied Research

Biomechanical Analysis of Leg Asymmetry in Young International Race Walkers
By Brian Hanley and Athanassios Bissas

Post-Competition Blood Lactate Concentration in Regional Level and Masters Athletes
By Massimiliano Ditroilo, Carlo Castagna and Francesco Lucertini


Drills for Top Level Hurdlers
By Roberto Bedini

Ankle Sprains in Athletics
By Frederic Depiesse and Bob Adams

Training Transfer in Elite Distance Running: From Theory to Practical Application
By Ants Nurmekivi and Harry Lemberg


Major Sport Events and Regional Development
By Helmut Digel

The SPLISS Athletics Project: A Resource-Based Evaluation of Elite Athletes Policies
By Jasper Truyens, Veerle De Bosscher and Bruno Heyndels


Selected and Annotated Bibliography - 94 The 400m Hurdles

Book Review

Website Review

Technology Report