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IAAF Technical Committee prepare major recommendations for IAAF Council consideration

P ALIGN="JUSTIFY">MONTE CARLOMonaco14 members of the IAAF Technical Committee have just completed a gruelling three day session studying an agenda of over 250 points with a view to developing proposals which will go before Council for consideration at its next meeting in Turin 20-21 March.

Among the items which will be presented to Council are a number of measures regulating the organisation of events, and more particularly:

Women’s 3000m steeplechase: it is proposed that the water jump hurdle in this event be moved forward by 60cm. Subject to acceptance, a new official world record for this event will be established by the best performance under the new regulations achieved prior to 31 December 1999;

The centre of gravity for the women’s javelin should be advanced by 3 cm in order to avoid flat landings and a new world record utilising this modified javelin should be established by the best performance using the new javelin prior to 31 December 1998;

Due to improvements in the accuracy of modern measuring equipment, the measuring of long throwing events should be to the nearest centimetre (from the actual rounding down to the nearest even centimetre - 2 cm units);

The time allowed to athletes for attempts in field events should be reduced by 30 seconds (currently 1:30 for all events except the pole vault);

It is proposed that the 1000m and mile be included in the official IAAF World Junior Record events for both men and women, the 3000m should be included for junior men.

These and many other points will be discussed and accepted, or rejected at the forthcoming Council Meeting prior to ratification by Congress, which will next meet in Athens at the end of July.

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