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IAAF World Athletics Final – Who and how many qualify?

MonteCarloWith the track season now well underway, we can start looking forward to an exciting climax of the season at the 4th edition of the IAAF World Athletics Final, which is taking place for the first time in Stuttgart, Germany, on 9 and 10 September 2006.

The IAAF World Athletics Final is closely linked to the IAAF World Athletics Tour, because athletes qualify for the World Athletics Final by scoring points on the Tour throughout the year. The IAAF World Athletics Tour (WAT) is composed of 24 Permit Meetings, divided into two levels. The first comprises the IAAF Golden League and Super Grand Prix, and the second level, the Grand Prix meetings, with each IAAF Continental Association represented by at least one WAT meeting.

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After the last World Athletics Tour meeting of the season, the 7 top Athletes per each event (11 athletes for races of 1500m and over) who have the highest number of points from their best 5 results (4 for throws) - will qualify automatically for the World Athletics Final. The IAAF reserves the right to invite a maximum of 1 wild-card Athlete per event.

It is a condition that athletes have scored points in at least 3 meetings, and in case of a tie the athlete with best seasonal best qualify for the Final. There are also a number of Area Permit Meetings at which points can be scored for the World Athletics Final.

IAAF World Athletics Final – Qualification Points Scoring System

At each WAT meeting, points are allocated to the best 8 athletes in each event (12 for middle distances):

IAAF Golden League & Super Grand Prix

1. 20 pts         
2. 16 pts    
3. 14 pts           
4. 12 pts           
5. 10 pts           
6.   8 pts           
7.   6 pts           
8.   4 pts                

IAAF Grand Prix

1. 10 pts
2.   8 pts
3.   7 pts
4.   6 pts
5.   5 pts
6.   4 pts
7.   3 pts
8.   2 pts

For middle distances (1500m and above), the athletes finishing 9th to 12th will also score points:

IAAF Golden League & Super Grand Prix: 3 pts
IAAF Grand Prix: 1 pt

If an athlete equals a World record, he/she will be awarded a bonus of 3 points; if he/she improves the World record, the bonus will be 6 points.

In addition to the WAT meetings, athletes can also score qualifying points for the World Athletics Final in a number of Area Permit Meetings.

These points are:
1. 6 pts
2. 4 pts
3. 2 pts
4. 1 pts