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The IAAF Rules establish that Member Federations may allow athletes to use the service of an authorized Athletes' Representative (AR) to assist, in co-operation with the Member, in the planning, arranging and negotiation of their athletics programme. This authorisation, which has a validity of one year, can only be granted by the Member Federation of the athlete and is subject to the existence of a written contract between the athlete and his Representative which must contain the minimum terms set out in the IAAF Regulations concerning National Federation/Athletes' Representatives. It is to be noted that an AR must be a physical person and not a Company.


When the athlete to be represented is ranked in the IAAF World Top 30 Lists, the Member Federation is required to provide the IAAF with the information on which AR is representing the athlete. This is done by means of a specific form (ARs Authorisation Form 2011) which contains the names of the athletes concerned and is countersigned and stamped by the AR and the Member Federation to which the athlete belong. This form, which is available to the Member Federations, together with the Official Agreement between an Athlete and an AR (Athlete-ARs Agreement 2011) must be returned to the IAAF by 21 January 2011.


For those ARs representing athletes ranked in the IAAF world Top 30 lists, there is an opportunity to apply for annual IAAF registration. Registering with the IAAF entitles to a numer of advantages and service:

a) Receive press releases, publications, results, world lists, etc.;
b) Receive accreditation as IAAF Family during World Athletics Series Events;
c) Access to accomodation at subsidized rates during World Athletics Series Events;
d)     etc.;

The application for IAAF Registration can be submitted directly by the AR using the appropriate form (ARs ID Card Form 2011) and must be returned to the IAAF by 21 January 2011. Its acceptance is subject to the payment of the annual fee, to the condition of representing at least one athlete ranked in the IAAF World Top 30 Lists and to have submitted his photo and copy of his passports's information page.