Dorcus Inzikuru of Uganda wins in Oeiras (Marcelino Almeida) © Copyright
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Inzikuru and Kamais dominate IAAF XC in Oeiras

Oeiras, PortugalThe IAAF cross country permit meeting series 2006/07 got off to a good start in Oeiras, yesterday (11), with a Kenyan win in the men’s race taken by Peter Kamais, while the women's contest was dominated by World 3000m Steeplechase champion Dorcus Inzikuru of Uganda.

The race route in Oeiras is spectacular with long hills, and the weather was hot for the season (more than 24 degrees) on a sunny day.

MEN – 9km: Aiming to win in Mombasa

Peter Kamais, an athlete based in Algarve, who won the Almond Blossom Cross Country last January, broke away at the front of yesterday’s race after the third kilometre with his country men Peter Muriuki and Kiprono Menjo. This trio continued to dominate until the end with Kamais crossing the line 19 seconds ahead of Muriuki.

For the winner “it was an easy win, because I was very well prepared. I think I will run next weekend in Torres Vedras (EAA XC permit, on 19 November) but then I’ll return to Kenya for training to achieve my goal.” What is the goal… "to win at the World Cross Country Championships!”

The pre-race favourite, Ronald Rutto, the defending Oeiras champion, finished in eighth place, behind four Portuguese - Rui Pedro Silva, Fernando Silva, Paulo Guerra, and Paulo Gomes.

WOMEN – 5km: Dorcus Inzikuru in the last lap

In the women’s race, the Portuguese cross country champion, Jessica Augusto, took a large lead on the rest of the field after the second kilometre. However, in the second of the three laps she slowed and was passed with ease by Dorcus Inzikuru, the World 3000m Steeplechase champion, and by the former Portuguese champion Anália Rosa.

In the last lap, Inzikuru made her strength tell and with a strong finish came home well ahead of Rosa. The last place on the podium was decided in a dramatic sprint between Portugal's Mónica Rosa and Kenyan Alice Chelagat, with the Portuguese woman taking the lead. Early leader Augusto eventually finished in fifth place.

“I am recovering from a left leg injury, and have been training only in the last few days, but luckily I’m not feeling any pain,” said Inzikuru. “This is a hard course but I loved it and it wasn’t a difficult to win. My goal for the season is the World Championship (track) in Osaka, but maybe I compete also in the World Cross Country.”

António Manuel Fernandes for IAAF


1. Peter Kamais  KEN 26:19
2. Peter Muriuki  KEN 26:38
3. Kiprono Menjo  KEN 26:57
4. Rui Pedro Silva  POR 27:02
5. Fernando Silva  POR  27:09
6. Paulo Guerra  POR 27:16
7. Paulo Gomes  POR 27:26
8. Ronald Rutto  KEN  27:30
9. Hermano Ferreira  POR  27:32
10. José Rocha  POR  27:38

1. Dorcus Inzikuru  UGA 17:22
2. Anália Rosa  POR  17:35
3. Mónica Rosa  POR 17:41
4. Alice Chelangat  KEN  17:42
5. Jessica Augusto  POR  17:52
6. Leonor Carneiro  POR  18:21
7. Ana Dias  POR 18:34
8. Magdaline Chemjor  KEN 19:09
9. Marisa Barros  POR 19:16
10. Carla Martinho  POR 19:18