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General News A. Bailey


A. BaileyThis medal means a lot for our country and personally for me it is a make up for not getting medal at 100m.
K. Stewart - We are going to wait what Usain will run. I do not know what.
S. Fraser - It is wonderful.

Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie - The last time we had a team was at the 2004 Olympics where we finished fourth. In December we had this idea after we saw the results in Beijing. We have to put a team together, we need to be back on the world circuit. It's not necessarily about the four fastest people but to bring the baton all along. We went to see quartermiler Christine Amertil and said to her: "Christine, we have a team in mind". So we came out with this mix of oldsters and youngsters. We are blessed. It's nice to be considered as one of the top 3 teams in the world.

C. Tschirch - We were able to improve our SB from the heat again. This stadium with this audience is gigantic. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. That crowd was better than at the Olympics. They were carrying as with their rhythmically.
V. Sailer - We are getting better and better with every race. I fell down behind the finish line, I feel the pain coming now. But it does not matter. For a medal I like to fall flat on my face.
M. Wagner - I do not why we are so strong, the four of us together. We are much stronger than if we are running alone. We get along very well. But we cannot explain it. This evening we were also running for the men.