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Japanese 20km record at Asian Race Walking Champs

The Japanese town of Neagari, located in Nomi district of Ishikawa prefecture, played host of this year’s Asian Race Walking 20km Championships (25).

The town of Wajima which held the 20k and 50km races last year will play host to this year's men’s 50Km Champs race on 15 April.

MEN 20km: 21-year-old Kochiro Morioka of Japan, sixth at 2004 World Junior Champs at the 10,000m track walk, led initially yesterday but was eventually beaten by compatriot Takayuki Tanni, 24, the 1999 World Youth 10,000m track walk bronze medallist - 1:21:09 to 1:21:30.

Akihiro Sugimoto, 25, completed the Japanese sweep (1:23:17).

WOMEN 20km: The sweep was nearly matched in the women’s race. Mayumi Kawasaki, 26, destroyed her own national record with 1:28:57, the third best time in the world so far this year. She had held the old national mark of 1:31:19 since 2004. 

Japan’s Sachiko Konishi (1:33:05) and Korea’s Kim Mi-Jung (1:34:54) were the distant minor medallists. Japan’s Kumi Otoshi was just away from completing a perfect day for the hosts, finishing just behind in fourth (1:35:04).        

Ram. Murali Krishnan for the IAAF

Results: (all JPN, unless stated)

1. Takayuki Tanii 1:21:09, 2. Konichi Morioka 1:21:30, 3. Akihiro Sugimoto 1:23:17, 4. Masato Yoshihara 1:23:27, 5. Isamu Fujisawa 1:23:33, 6. Yusuke Suzuki 1:25:48, 7. Yuki Matagawa 1:26:23, 8. Shin Il-Yong (KOR) 1:26:50.

1. Mayumi Kawasaki 1:28:57 (NR), 2. Sachiko Konishi 1:33:05, 3. Kim Mi-Jung (KOR) 1:34:54, 4. Kumi Otoshi 1:35:04, 5. Naomi Hakamada 1:35:42.