Darya Pchelnik throws 75.42m in Belém (Inovafoto/CBAt) © Copyright
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Karolchyk-Pravalinskaya puts 19.95m; Pchelnik 73.03m in Minsk

Victories by shot putter Yanina Karolchyk-Pravalinskaya and hammer throwers Darya Pchelnik and Pavel Kryvitski were among the highlights at the Olympic Champions Trophy meeting in Minsk on Friday (4). The competitions took place at the Dynamo stadium and at the Staiki Sport Center.

33-year-old Yanina Karolchyk-Pravalinskaya, 2000 Olympic and 2001 World champion produced a 19.5m+ release for the first time since 2001.

This was Karolchyk-Pravalinskaya’s season debut, and she opened well with 18.25m, and in the second round produced 19.06, and in third she was very close to 20-metre boundary, just 5 centimetres away. Her 19.95 is currently the third best result in the world this season.

“I laid down the aim for myself - to push beyond 19 metres, so to pass the selection for the European championship in Barcelona,” confirmed the winner.

Because of a downpour the Hammer Throw competitions were delayed for more than three hours. The men having warmed-up in sector were compelled to postpone their competition, which according to Pavel Kryvitski lowered the motivation of the throwers. When the competition did get underway Kryvitski, from Grodno, began from 77 metres, and on his last attempt produced 78.88 for victory.

Dzmitry Marshyn, nowadays representing Azerbaijan, lagged behind by more than a one and a half metres, and took second place, 77.01.

Darya Pchelnik won the women’s competition without meeting any special resistance from her competitors. Her third effort was her best (73.03m) Maryia Smaliachkova, second, could not reach the 70-metre boundary.

“In spite of the fact that I have already provided the first place for myself in the second series,” said Pchelnik. “I’ve tried to work out the maximum effort on all attempts. As a whole, I succeeded: I sent the hammer beyond 70 metres for four times, and in last series have almost repeated the best attempt: the hammer flew on 72.85.”

The Olympic champion of Beijing, Aksana Miankova has taken maternity leave waits and has passed the season, and

Nastassia Mironchyk in Long Jump produced 6.70+ leaps three times. The third attempt at 6.78 metres was her best.

Siarhei Rohanau won the Discus Throw. He updated his personal best by almost two metres to 64.28. Dzmitry Sivakou, who took the second place, had a best of 62.97.

Mikhail Dubitski for the IAAF

Selected results


Discus Throw
1 Siarhei Rohanau 64.28
2 Dzmitry Sivakou 62.97

Hammer Throw
1 Pavel Kryvitski 78.88
2 Dzmitry Marshyn 77.01
3 Valeriy Sviatokha 75.98


Sviatlana Usovich 52.88

Shot Put
Yanina Karolchyk-Pravalinskay? 19.95

Hammer Throw
1 Darya Pchelnik 73.03
2 Maryia Smaliachkova 65.28