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Report Cesano Boscone, Italy

Kenyans dominate Gold Marathon

Kenya dominated the "Gold Marathon" with Wesley Chelule crossing the finish line in 2:12:04 ahead of compatriot David Marruti, 2:12:42. Italy’s Alberico Di Cecco finished third with a time of 2:14:48.

Despite the strong and disturbing head wind through the second half of the race, Chelule produced a decisive acceleration at the 28 km point leaving behind Marruti and Italian Caldiroli.

In the women’s race Ukraina’s Galyna Zhulyeva made victory look easy in 2:34:50. Zhulyeva, who had also won the race last year, surged into the lead at the 35 km point leaving Russia’s Irina Safarova far behind (2:38:11) and went on to establish a new personal best.

Leading Results
Chelule (KEN) 2:12:04
Marruti (KEN) 2:12:42
Di Cecco (ITA) 2:14:48
Curzi (ITA) 2:14:55
Gisemba (ITA) 2:17:06
Zolotkov (RUS) 2:17:14
Caldiroli (ITA) 2:18:52
Bonanni (ITA) 2:23:21
Panin (RUS) 2:24:44

Zhulyeva (UKR) 2:34:50
Safarova (RUS) 2:38:11
Tatyana Maslova (RUS) 2:39:06
Ponomarenko (RUS) 2:40:02
Grosso (ITA) 2:40:14
Cocchetti (ITA) 2:42:33