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Kiplagat wins Wincanton Montferland 15km

’sHeerenberg, The NetherlandsLornah Kiplagat won the 13th edition of the Wincanton Montferland 15 kilometres Run held yesterday. The World Half Marathon champion clocked a time of 48:49. The Dutchwoman was over a minute faster than her Kenyan nephew Sylvia Kibet who finished second in 49:54. Another Kenyan woman, Masila Ndunge, was third in 50:13.

It was the first outing of Lornah Kiplagat after winning her third consecutive World title in Rio de Janeiro last October.

The first five kilometres were covered within sixteen minutes. In that part of the race Kiplagat had strong opposition from Ethiopian Etalemahu Kidane, who however dropped out after 11 kilometres. The two had passed the 10km marker in 32:34.

In crisp nearly wind still weather conditions Kiplagat then was without opposition on the hilly course near the German border.

The men's race was on open affair until the finish line in the centre of 's Heerenberg. A group of twelve runners passed the first 5000 metres in 14:53. After that point the group broke and six runners passed the 10km point in 29:40. After that point the pace went up and the last five kilometres were covered in 13:47.

In the final phase Getu Feleke (Eth), Abraham Rotich and Sammy Kitwara and Maroccan Najim El Qadi could not follow. The Ethiopians Betona Sahle Warga and Dereje Tesfaye entered shoulder to shoulder the historic centre of ’s-Heerenberg.

Dereje Tesfaye did beat Warga on the finish line 43:27 to 43:28. Third place went to Sammy Kitwara winner of the de Dam tot Damloop in Zaandam last September. Due to visa problems Kenyan Parick Makau, who finished second to Haile Gebrselassie in a 15km in Australia a week ago, could not start. 
Leading results
Men (time at 15km & 10km)

1  Dereje Tesfaye                                     Eth      43:27              29.40
2  Betona Sahle Warga                            Eth      43:28              29.40
3  Sammy Kitwara                                    Ken     43:42              29.41
4  Najim El Qady              Mar                 43:48              29.41
5  Abraham Rotich                                    Ken     43:50              29.42
6  Getu Feleke                   Eth                  43:58              29.40
7  Patrick Stitzinger         Ned                 44:21              29.41
8  Hugo van den Broek                             Ned     44:52              30.04
9  Julius Muriuki                 Ken                 44:53              30.05
10  Marco Gielen               Ned                 45:04              30.05
11  Sander Schutgens                               Ned     45:26              30.12
12  Greg van Hest                                      Ned                 46:17              30.51
13  Guus Janssen                                      Ned                 46:36              31.16
14  Gert Jan Wassink                                Ned                 47:08              31.29
15  Koen Raymaekers                              Ned     47:12              31.29

Women - (time at 15km & 10km)
1  Lornah Kiplagat                                    Ned                 48:49              32.34
2  Sylvia Kibet                   Ken                 49:54              33.25
3  Masila Ndunge                                      Ken     50:13              33.26
4  Gladys Otero                 Ken                 50:44              33.32
5  Paula Todoran                                      Rum    51:52              34.43
6  Nadja Wijenberg                                   Ned     54:44              36.29
7  Nina Mathijssen                                    Ned                 54:49              36.41
8  Corine Spaans              Ned                 55:26              37.15
9  Ingrid Prigge                  Ned                 55:38              37.16
10  Miriam van Reijen         Ned               55:54              37.14

Wim van Hemert for the IAAF