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Magnificent Stadium takes shape in Seville to host 1999 World Championship

P>MONACO, MonteCarloPreparations for the 7th edition of the IAAF World Championships in Athletics, which will take place in Seville in the summer of 1999, are already well underway. Yesterday, in the presence of the IAAF President Primo Nebiolo, the President of the Local Organising Committee Alfredo Sanchez Monteseirin, and Mayor Soledad Becerril, the IAAF's flag was raised over Seville's City Hall.

The advanced stage of construction of the stadium facilities demonstrates the strong commitment of the civic leaders, the provincial authorities - of which Sanchez Monteserin is President - the Andalusian regional government and of Spain's national government .

All are working together to secure the great success of the 1999 World Championships.

Seville will boast, on the occasion of this event, a magnificent facility which will be able to house 60,000 spectators. The planned cost of the building is 13,700 million pesetas (approximately $100 million). The stadium is being built in the district which once housed Expo 92 and the project is expected to be completed in January or February 1999.

The new stadium is of a very advanced design and includes all the facilities necessary for the staging of a major event. Included in the plans are a Main Press Centre, Broadcasting Centre and railway and road connections with major routes. The availability of open land around the stadium means there will be plenty of parking facilities. The warm up track has already been built and is only 100 metres from the competition arena.

This is the first time that a stadium has been custom-built to host a World Championships in Athletics: this can be considered Seville 99's first record.

During his two day visit, Dr Nebiolo received an award from Seville's Mayor while another honour was granted to the IAAF President by the provincial authorities. This afternoon, Dr Nebiolo was received by the President of the Andalusian Regional Government, Manuel Chavez.

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