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Men Discus Throw Final

Men Discus Throw Final

Throwing the new implement (1.75kg), China’s Tao Wu threw a World Junior Record of 64.51 metres to win the men’s discus throw this evening.

Wu faced some strong competition, with US Junior Champion Sean Shields Belarus’ Dmitriy Sivakov and Qatar’s Khalid Habash Al-Suwaidi, the gold medallist in the event at the World Youth Championships in Debrecen last year.

In yesterday’s qualification round, Wu fouled twice before producing the longest qualifying throw of 61.03, this eveing, he fouled three times, but more importantly, unleashed his massive winning throw with his third attempt.

Despite throwing consistently,, with only one effort under 60 metres, Sivakov had to settle for second place with his third round effort of 62.00 metres.

The contest was close for third place, with Michal Hodun of Poland and Al-Suwaidi battling it out, Hodun had clinched the bronze with his second throw but at each of his first three attempts, the Qatari improved, before losing his cool and finishing with three fouls.