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Men heptathlon event 5

Men's Heptathlonevent 5 60 metres hurdles

First-day leader Roman Sebrle overcame a good start by Lev Lobodin in an adjacent lane to pull out a win in the last few metres.

Both Sebrle and Lobodin were timed in 7.86.

Lobodin's excellent reaction time of 0.130 gave him a 0.04-second advantage over Sebrle's 0.173 before either had taken a first step, but the powerful Czech ran superbly over the last three hurdles to edge the Russian.

The win will only count for bragging rights, however, as each athlete will be awarded an identical 1017 points.

In another battle being contested several metres behind the leaders, Sydney champion Erki Nool, with a heptathlon personal best of 8.02, won out over Stephen Moore (8.06) and Jon Arnar Magnusson (8.09).

Sebrle's winning time allowed him to stretch his lead over second-place Magnusson to 109 points, as Lobodin did much to solidify his bronze-medal position at 4396, fifty-two points ahead of Moore.

The Czech also moved 31 points ahead of the pace of his season-leading heptathlon performance in Tallinn five weeks ago.

The Olympic decathlon bronze medallist, Chris Huffins of the US, did not start the hurdle race, thereby reducing the field to seven. Huffins has been plagued recently with a knee problem.