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Men Pole Vault Final

The honor of the first goldsilver medal sweep of the Championships went to Germany, as favored Tim Löbinger (5.80) ended up just ahead of Michael Stolle (5.75) in the final standings. The bronze was captured by rapidly improving Dutchman Rens Blom, who upped his national record to 5.75.

The three medallists are well acquainted with each other, being sometime training mates, and when Stolle hurt himself landing in the box on his second attempt at 5.85, it was Blom who helped him back to the seating area.

Löbinger never trailed at any height he attempted. After entering the competition at the second height of the evening, 5.60, he cleared on second try. He passed 5.70, then stayed perfect at 5.75 and 5.80, the only one to clear the latter height. Stolle had one miss at 5.80, then, playing a little chess, elected to reserve his remaining attempts for 5.85.

Stolle was unable to take his final attempt and when Löbinger missed his last chance he had won with the lowest gold-medal height in the history of the World Indoor Championships.