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Men's 10,000m Race Walk - Flash Interviews


I’m feeling very good. The other competitors were very strong.

We had a plan to help each other during the race, and we did - giving each other water and helping during the race.

Happiness! I was hoping for this. This race was a little bit more intense than usual, because during the first seven or eight kilometres, we were all in a big pack. Usually, a few people always take the lead and it’s clear who will be among the winners. So this time it was more intense, but by the end, I was so happy to be among the first ones.

I have visited many countries, and I think Canada is one of the best. I particularly like Moncton - the hospitality of people here is wonderful.  When we walk in town,they say hello, and the food is good, and everything is beautiful.

Zelin CAI (CHN) - SILVER MEDAL - 40:43.59 (PB)

The race went pretty much according to plan, but I was going for the gold medal.

I got a caution and it was the last lap, and I was getting more tired.

It’s not bad walking in this heat. It’s not that hot. At home, sometimes it’s almost the same, and sometimes it’s hotter.

The PB is nice, but I just feel okay, because I was trying for the gold medal.

Petr Bogatyrev (RUS) – BRONZE – 40:50.37

I think it’s great. It’s my first serious international competition so I’m very happy with the bronze. Very happy.

We were supposed to be together during the race. During practice we’re always together.
The main thing was to be in front of everybody and keep the competitors behind.
By the end, the speed was very intense so I was paying more attention to my technique so I wouldn’t do things to be disqualified.

In the beginning, the weather wasn’t so good, but today it’s not too hot, just perfect.
When we were training, it was much hotter. We were training in the Republic of Moldova and it’s very hot there, 35 to 40 degrees.

Right now, we are just going to rest. There is nothing lined up right now, but starting in the fall, we will be doing 20 kilometres so we have to work on the technique.

Caio BONFIM (BRA) – 4th place – 41:32.28

It was very hot. I started very fast and got tired, and my stomach was upset. I almost threw up three times but kept on going.

Fourth place is very good for me and for my country.

I knew what shape I had to be in because I knew who I was competing against, so I had to train, train, train. It could have been better, but I’m very happy. I’ve come a long way to get from sixth place [in 2008] to fourth.

I ran 40:40 in my country, with my climate, my conditions, my town. When you change locations and change climates, it’s harder. I did my best under the conditions. I ran my PB in Blumenau-Santa Catarina. Now Canada is part of my story!

Bruno Carriere (CAN) - 21st - 50:47.93

It was very difficult at this time. The race walk is normally the first event in the morning. We weren’t lucky. And for me, walking in this heat is not my best temperature. I do better in cold temperatures.

I congratulate the Russians. I obviously didn’t see the race but I saw the time after the race and it’s really impressive.

I’m tired. This was my first (international competition). I don’t want to be too hard on myself. It’s certain that I would have liked to have done better at my first international event.

I’m going to train to make the Junior Pan American team.