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Men's 110m Hurdles semi finals - Flash Interviews

Wataru YAZAWA (JPN) 1st in Heat 113.57 (PB)

I’m just relieved right now.

The round 1, the qualification, it was the first round for me so I was a bit nervous, so I didn’t do my best. This time, I wanted to do my best. During the practice this morning, my body felt much lighter and I knew that I was ready to go, so it was a much more enjoyable race.

When I was warming up, just before, my right leg felt a bit sore, so I had mixed feelings. But my coach and teammates were supporting me, so I wanted to do it and make it to the final.

Caleb CROSS (USA) - 2nd in HEAT 1 - 13.72

I just wanted to stay clean. I qualified for the final so I can’t be mad today.

Oluwasegun MAKINDE (CAN) - 7th HEAT 1 - 14.05

I felt alright but I was not as technically smooth as I want to be.   You need to be sound over the hurdles to have a clean race.  But I have time to improve -  it’s a long season still to come.

This has been a great meet for confidence boosting.   I’ve been running under some extreme pressure conditions.  I will take what I have learned here and apply it to the future.

Greggmar SWIFT (BAR) - 1st in HEAT 2 - 13.65

It was a pretty okay race. My coach told me, “Come out here and qualify. You have no competition, time means nothing. Don’t look at anyone, come out here, run your race”  - and I won.

I wasn’t clean enough. My heat was better than this, although I ran a little bit slower. It’s not about the technicalities right now. It’s about finishing first.

He (Pascal Martinot-Lagarde) can come up all he likes; he’s not worrying me.

Pascal Martinot-Lagarde (FRA) - 2nd in HEAT 2 - 13.73

I was more or less confident. My start wasn’t horrible but I preferred not to fight, rather keep it for the finals.

I concentrate more on my race, on my lane, on my time. I don’t need to look at who is beside me.

I’m going to have to be much faster in the final. With a time like today, I will not go very far.

Jack MEREDITH (GBR)  - 1st in HEAT 3 - 13.52

I wanted [it to be a lot cleaner than yesterday]. That’s what I was waiting for. Good start, good finish, nice and smooth. I just imagined clawing that lead leg back all the time. Two down, one to go.

Sam Baines (AUS) - 2ns HEAT 3 - 13.66

It was very close.  The last three hurdles we were all sort of fighting it out. It was a little bit scrappy for me, but I managed to hold it together and qualify.

Judging by that race, I have more to give (come the final).  I just have to focus on my race and focus on the final and run my race.