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Men's 1500m final - Flash Interviews

Caleb Mwangangi NDIKU (KEN)GOLD3:37.30

I know I have lots of endurance and I know the other guys are very good in speed, more than me, so that’s why I started to run from the front all the way.

I was not so confident because I was very much disappointed when my friend [and teammate] was disqualified [after the semi-final] . My coaches told me I must have hope to win. That’s also why I started to run in front so that at the end of it, if somebody caught me, then I would get silver, but they were not able to.

[Before the finish] I started celebrating because I knew there was no hope for them.

I am now thinking about European grand prix races next month. I go back and train a bit, and then I’ll be running the 1500 metres and the 3000 metres.

Abderrahmane ANOU (ALG) - SILVER - 3:38.86

It was a tactical race. I was just following the group, because I know my finish is very strong. That’s how I got second place.

I was very happy [when I crossed the finish line]. My plan is to work hard to improve my skills so next time I will win the gold.

Mohamad AL-GARNI ( QAT) - BRONZE - 3:38.91

I was looking for something better than third place but the Kenyan runner was very strong and has more experience at this level than me.  I still have a long way to go if I want to become the best in the world but I will continue to train and get better.

Tomorrow I have a heat in the 800 metres.
I did hard training and I’m OK. I’ll try my best.