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Men's 400m Hurdles final - Flash Interviews


I feel a bit tired, but I'm very happy.

Coming home on the straight, I actually felt the presence of the Japanese (Takatoshi Abe) coming on to me. I just didn't know what to do, exactly, so I just went ahead and held him off.

I slowed up a bit too much.

I'm satisfied that I got the gold medal.

We'll see how things go after. I still have the 4 x 400 metres, and hopefully our team will make the semi-finals, and go there and medal also.

Takatoshi ABE (JPN) - SILVER - 49.46 (PB)

I felt I had a poor start but I was able to recover.  Halfway through the race I knew I needed to push myself and I was happy with my finish.

I set a goal of doing my personal best, which I did and I am pleased with the silver medal.

Leslie MURRAY (ISV) - BRONZE - 50.22 (PB)

I have a lot of energy left, so that explains much. The race went pretty well, but I didn’t change my tempo quick enough when they caught up to me, so the result of the race was me getting third place. I mean, I’m happy I medalled; that’s all that matters, but you know everyone wants gold.

This season, I’ve been injured. This is about my fifth hurdle race all year. Two injuries, as a matter of fact - quad and hamstring. I think I did pretty good just coming back off injuries.

Now, I have to get ready for college, and hopefully work on my race from there to come back out and run with the big leagues.