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Men's 400m - Round 1 - Flash Interviews


Mateusz FORMANSKI (POL) – 1st in HEAT 1 – 46.75 PB

I feel great. It’s my new personal best. I didn’t think I could win this race but I put all of me into it. I don’t think about my runs. I just do my best. I think I will do the same tomorrow(semi –finals). I’ll do my best in the semi-finals.

Marco KAISER (GER) – 1st in HEAT 2 – 47.06

The first 200 metres wasn’t the best for me. The end, that was better. [After] the first 200 metres, then I ran. [My goal is] 46.40.

Marcell DEÁK NAGY (HUN) - 1st in HEAT 3 - 47.31

I only wanted a time fast enough to get into the semi-finals, and it's enough.

My last 100 metres was perfect. I won the heat and I'm going to the semi-finals with a good lane.

I want to go to the final. I want to run my best-ever time.

Joshua  MANCE (USA) - 1st in HEAT 4 - 47.29

It went as planned. I planned on coming in and getting a low-47 (time) and I got it, so I feel  good about that.

The time was good, it was what I wanted. I didn't want to do too much in my first race. I've got two more to go, plus the relays, so I feel I did good.

It's all mental. I thought about the race before. This whole entire year, they've put people around my time or faster behind me so I'm used to it now. I think that mentally prepared me for that.

Tremaine HARRIS (CAN) – 5th in HEAT 4 – 48.34

I’m not disappointed but I’m not happy. It’s my first time here so, whatever happened, I just have to take it. Hopefully next time around I will do a lot better. It felt good hearing the crowd before my race. When I hit the back stretch I tried to run a little bit quicker so they could keep cheering for me and that’s what happened.

Kirani JAMES (GRN) – 1st in HEAT 5 – 47.12

I mean, I feel good. The body feels good. It was a hard run, but it was a good run. My main goal is just to try and qualify, just conserve as much energy as I could possibly save, and I did that in that run. I’m just moving on to the next run right now.

My goal is faster than my personal best [45.01], that’s all I can say for now.

Errol NOLAN (USA) - 1st in HEAT 6 - 46.67

It was a good race to build back up my confidence. I hadn't run in a couple of weeks, so I'm glad it went the way it did.

I've been practicing, but I just haven't run in a meet situation.

I was hoping to go just like the other guys, but my heat was a little faster at 300 metres.

I feel fine. I'm glad I feel fine; I'm looking forward to it (the semi-final).

Alistair MOONA (CAN) – 2nd in HEAT 6 – 47.22

My game plan was to just go out there, just take it out hard and execute good and I did that very good today and I ended up coming in good. The plan it to just take it step by step and for the semis I will just go harder.