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General News "I felt good through (the final leg), the hand

Men's 4x100m Ralay - Round 1 - Flash Interviews

Dexter LEE (JAM) 1st in HEAT 1 - 39.74 (WJL)

I felt good through (the final leg), the hand-offs went well and we did what we needed too.  I still think we can run better in the final. 

Marvin Bracy (USA) - 1st in HEAT 2 - 39.69  (WJL)

I felt comfortable coming down the stretch -  that’s what I am used to.

It’s nice to lower the time and now we need to come out and do it again in the final.

Charles SILMON (USA) – 1ST in HEAT 2 - 39.69  (WJL)

(On the WJL) Knowing all the speed we have on the US team, we knew we could break it in the preliminaries, but we were just trying to make it safe through to the final.

(Expectations for the final) 38.

Salihu ISAH (NGR) - 2nd in HEAT 2 - 39.79

It was better. The exchanges were good. My stride was good.

For the next round, we will try to do the best to win this race.

Oluwasegun MAKINDE (CAN) - 5th in HEAT 2 - 40.38 (SB)

I think we’re feeling all right. Obviously, we’re all disappointed because we wanted to make the final, we wanted to win our heat. It’s hometown Moncton, we really wanted to impress the crowd. But things happen - this is the nature of the sport. You have to live with it and go on.

I think we all ran well. All of us ran our legs the best we could. The nature of the sport is, things happen, anything’s possible. You never know what can happen - what can go wrong, what can go right. We just ran our race and that’s the result.

Ryo ONABUTA - captain (JPN) - 1st in HEAT 3 - 40.04 (SB)

The race went as we had planned. Three of us come from the same university so the combination and teamwork was all ready to go.

The baton exchange was very smooth and we will try to make it even smoother, as smooth as possible for the finals so that we can win the gold medal.

Jordan HUGGINS (GBR) – 3rd in HEAT 3 – 40.07

I thought it went OK. We’ve been getting the cobwebs off our legs in the training camp and everything else, travelling. I’m pretty happy with it.

The change was OK. And there’s always room for improvement, and we probably know already where we can go, so it’s on to the next one ‘cause we’ve qualified and will take it from there.

[Whether surprised to not qualify automatically] Well, yes and no. We know we have the ability. We’re already third-ranked in the world, but rankings don’t mean anything, so we know we have the ability as well, so we’ve got to take that through to the final and see if we can pick up a medal.
[On qualifying on time] Definitely a bit relieved.