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Men's 4x400m relay heats - Flash Interviews

Phillipp KLEEMAN (GER), second leg1st in HEAT 1 - 3:08.79

I felt rather good. I was able to run free because there was nobody behind me, so I could do my race.

We did a good job, we won our heat so we qualified directly for the finals, and I hope that Canada qualifies too, because it’s an amazing atmosphere with all the fans.

Tremaine HARRIS (CAN), first leg - 3rd in HEAT 1 - 3:09.00 (PB) -   Disqualified

I was the first leg and I didn’t have the best leg. I started to die towards the end and I passed it (the baton) to Adam and he really picked it up in the beginning, cut in nice. He held on and even made a bit of distance. He handed it to Moona, the crazy man, decided to do his thing, sprinted from the beginning, finished it . He handed it to Trnkus who had a bit of a collision, which slowed him down a little bit. Hopefully we move on and can do better in the final.

Adam’s the only new guy (on the team). Me, Trnkus and Moona put together a team with other friends in Ontario.

Adam GAUDES (CAN), 2nd leg - 3rd in HEAT 1 - 3:09.00 (PB) -  Disqualified

This was the most fantastic experience of my life (running at home). It was really invigorating running with the crowd and this is a great group of guys. We’re the best in the country so, it couldn’t have been better. We got a national record so, no matter how the results are, I’m happy with our performanc.

Jack GREEN (GBR) - 1st in HEAT 2 - 3:06.88

We knew it was going to be tough.  We were confident and we just proved that.

We need to get good rest and good sleep and get ready for the final tomorrow.  I know my legs need the rest.

Michael BERRY (USA), anchor leg - 1st in HEAT 3 - 3:05.84 (WJL)

I think we ran real good. It was our first time with everybody running together. We just wanted to get out fast and run a good time.

I just wanted to hold on to the lead. They did all the dirty work, so I just wanted to bring it home.

In the finals, we’re going to go 3:02 or 3:03.