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Men's 800m semi final - Flash Interviews

Dickson Kipsang TUWEI (KEN)1st in HEAT 1 - 1:47.51

It was fine.

My plan was to qualify for tomorrow’s final. That was a good pace for me. I wanted to make sure to win this race to be sure about the final.

I feel it’s going to be tough.

[On who  the strongest opponents are] My fellow Kenyan, the United States and also the Qatari.

I ran my season best in Kenya, at the national trials.

Mohamad AL-GARNI (QAT) - 2nd in HEAT 1 - 1:48.15

I’m very happy. I’m in the finals - that’s not easy. A bronze medal in the 1500 metres, now I’m in the finals, I’m very happy.

It was a very fast first lap, but I was just following the guys. I have confidence about my kick. I’m a great kicker. I kicked during the last 50 metres. I’m very happy.

Robby ANDREWS (USA) 1st in HEAT 2 - 1:48.76

It’s definitely a different type of racing that’s for sure, but I like it. It’s great competition, so I like it.

I need to stick to my race plan and keep it really close.  It’s going to take a lot of heart.

David Mutinda MUTUA (KEN) – 2nd in HEAT 3 - 1:48.04

It’s OK but the heat is affecting me, but I hope tomorrow I can do well.

Amine EL MANAOUI (MAR) - 2nd in HEAT 2 - 1:48.83 (SB)

I’m very happy about the race. My objective was to reach the final, and now I’m there.

I was confident in my kick, and I kicked well in the last 100 metres.

I’m looking for a medal.

Anthony ROMANIW (CAN) - 6th in HEAT 2 - 1:49.26 PB

I was really happy to be here but I still think I could run faster. My training this year has been very on and off and maybe I just didn’t have a good gauge of how fit I was until today, and I left it out on the track.

Some guy making about the same move as me just clipped me. But, you have 16 feet moving around as fast as they can - it happens. I’m not going to go pointing fingers because that’s what the race is.

Casimir LOXSOM (USA) 1st in HEAT 3 - 1:46.91

I sat and waited for my opportunity and I took it.  I knew what I could do and waited.

It’s a good field so I need to do the same thing in the finals run hard and keep them close.