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Men's Discus Throw

Its understandable at the end of a long season if anyone on the international circuit claims ‘tiredness’ as an excuse for a poor performance or at the very least looks physically weary. Hey, I’m talking as much about the media here as the athletes, and all we have to do is just sit down and watch the sport let alone energize our bodies in competition.

However, this report is short not because of any fatigue but because the men’s Discus Throw,as it has been throughout most of the last 6 years, was about just one man, two-time World and Olympic champion Virgilijus Alekna of Lithuania, the second longest thrower of all-time.

Last month crowned the continental champion, Alekna representing Europe today won with a third round flight of 67.19m. His second round throw (his other two attempts in this four throw competition were fouls) of 63.08m would also have taken the title.

Alekna also took this meet victory in 1998.

Second today was Eshan Hadadi of Iran for Asia (62.60), and third was USA’s Ian Waltz (62.12). 

If anyone was tired today it was the winner’s eight opponents. Tired? Yes, tired of being yet again comprehensively beaten by the master of their trade, ALEKNA!

Chris Turner