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Men's heptathlon event 3

Men heptathlon event 3
Sebrle extends lead in heptathlon

Responding marvellously to lifetime shot put bests by his rivals with one of his own, Roman Sebrle came away from the heptathlon’s third event with a 23-point lead after having briefly fallen behind Iceland’s Jon Arnur Magnusson. The Czech reached only 14.91 on his first attempt, far behind Magnusson’s 16.07.

Things hotted up in the second round when Olympic decathlon champion Erki Nool punched out a lifetime indoor best of 14.89 to the great delight of his fan club. Next up in the queue, Sebrle responded with an all-time best of his own, 15.75, to retake the lead. Magnusson finished the round with yet another lifetime best, 16.28, and boosted that to 16.34 in the third and final round.

Leading scores after three of seven events: Sebrle 2748, Magnusson 2725, Lev Lobodin 2639, Nool 2622, Chris Huffins 2572. Sebrle is now 24 points ahead of the pace he set when he totalled the year’s best score.