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Men's High Jump - Flash Interviews


I think when I missed at 2.26m it was the best for me, because then I started to think about what I was doing and not just running. I got into the mood and made 2.30m on my first jump.

I’m not very proud of my second and third attempts at 2.32m. The first one though was very close.

I was not tired out there. I’m just happy to have won the World Juniors.

[About David Smith of the U.S.] We were talking to each other and supporting each other.

David SMITH (USA) - SILVER MEDAL - 2.24m (PB)

To be honest, I just wanted to make sure I made the medal stand, so I’m glad I just medalled.

I thought I missed my turn, so it kind of messed with me a little bit but I was just starting.

I tried to maintain focus, making sure just because you have one miss, it’s not the end of the world and I made sure I came back and followed through.

[About Barshim of Qatar]  We pretty much just motivate each other. We talk about school, how we are, where we’re from. He’s a real cool guy - easy to talk to and that’s the kind of competition you want.

You got to make sure to stay focused, work hard and everything works out - make sure you give thanks to God.

Naoto TOBE (JPN) – BRONZE MEDAL – 2.21m

Last time in Poland I was 10th, so I’m very happy to make the medals this time, but it’s not a personal best.  This is my second time at the World Junior Championships so I felt more comfortable than last time.

I’ve been practicing really hard for a long time just for this moment.

In the first round, I wasn’t doing well, but today I was doing so well I thought I could jump a personal best.

In terms of records, we have a lot of good Japanese high jumpers, but in terms of global competitions, we are still developing.

I feel I have contributed a lot to the high jump field and Japan is going to do more in the future.

The next competition is in mid-September just for Japanese university athletes, and I’m going to do a personal best.

Branden WILHEM (CAN) - 11th  - 2.13m

I’m a bit disappointed, but it was my best, so that’s all you can ask for.

My timing was off over the bar, I couldn’t hold my arch long enough. I just didn’t have the ups today.

I think I’m going to Canadian Seniors [next], I think I’m doing hurdles but I’m not sure yet. Then a couple more meets this year, and then I’m done for a few months before I pick it back up in the fall.