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Men's Pole Vault

World Champion Brad Walker was the survivor in a hard-fought men's Pole Vault, winning with a clearance at 5.91m that only stood as the winning mark after Bjorn Otto passed to 5.96m and missed there.

Otto had the only clearance at 5.86m, getting over on his first attempt. With Walker, Steven Hooker, and Danny Ecker having missed at that height, all three gambled on passing to 5.91m to vie with Otto for the win. When Walker cleared on his last remaining chance, and Hooker and Ecker missed, it was down to Otto to challenge Walker for the win.

With two misses at 5.91m, Otto passed his third attempt to 5.96m (which Walker passed at) but was unable to clear it with only one attempt. Hooker was given third over Ecker, having fewer misses in his progression to 5.81m.

With Otto done, Walker had the bar moved to 6.16m for a World record attempt, the first such attempt in competition since Tim Mack attempted the same height at the 2004 WAF in Monaco. Walker made two good attempts but couldn't get his grip right on the third, jogging through the pit and then thanking the crowd for their support.

Parker Morse for the IAAF