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Miyazato and Semick win 23rd IAU 100km World Cup

Yasukazu Miyazato (JPN) and Kami Semick (USA) won the 23rd IAU 100km World Cup. The race was held on June 19–20 in the beautiful town of Torhout, Belgium one hour away from Brussels. Teams from Japan and USA won the men’s and women’s team divisions respectively. Jonas Buud (SWE) and Irina Vishnevskaya (RUS) won the European Championship. Italy won the men’s team title and Russia won women’s.

On June 19th-20th, Torhout, Belgium was the site of the 23rd IAU 100 km World Cup and European Championship. The race was hosted by the ‘Night At Flanders’, a historic race that celebrated its 30th Anniversary during the festive weekend.

There were over 200 athletes participating from 28 countries in the World event and there were several others contesting the race in the open section. The race was unique in its setting as the run started at 20:00 hrs having the runners through the night.

The men’s division was won by Yasukazu Miyazato (JPN) in 6:40:43. He was followed in by Jonas Buud (SWE) and Giorgio Calcaterra (ITA) in a time of 6:41:49 and 6:42:04 respectively.

Miyazato ran a very strong and consistent race running in the front of the pack from the very start. He had a tough run through the third of the race battling with his Japanese team-mate Masakazu Takahashi who finished 5th.

Buud on the other hand, ran a very tactical race, as did Calcaterra coming from behind in the latter stages of the run and making solid ground over the other runners. Calcaterra was the returning champion having won the 22nd edition of this race in Tarquinia last year.

This race also doubled as the European Championship with Buud taking top honours with Calcaterra in 2nd place and Marco Boffo (ITA) taking the bronze medal.

The women’s race was won by Kami Semick (USA). Kami was the top runner coming into this event from last year and lived up to the pre-race hype and expectations. She ran a time of 7:37:23.

She was followed into the finish line by last year’s 4th place finisher Irina Vishnevskaya (RUS) in a time of 7:46:25. 2007 bronze medalist, once again grabbed the 3rd place, Monica Carlin (ITA) came in a time of 7:53:57.

Carlin had the early lead, but about 40km into the race Kami took the lead and never relinquished it. Vishnevskaya ran another tactical race coming from behind to grab the silver medal.
Vishnevskaya won the gold in the European Championship. Carlin grabbed the silver while Helena Crossan (IRL) got the bronze medal.

In the team competition, Japan won the men’s division followed by Italy in the silver medal spot and France getting the bronze. Italy won the European Championship men’s division. France grabbed the silver medal and they were followed by Spain.

USA won the gold in the women’s team competition followed by Team Russia and Japan. In the European Championship, Russia took the gold in the women’s division followed by Teams from Germany and Italy.

The race was enjoyed by all and running through the night did bring a unique experience to the weekend of festivities. Athletes, Team Managers and Officials are looking forward to the 24th IAU 100km World Cup in Gibraltar in November 2010.

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Nadeem Khan for the IAAF 

Results 100km World Cup 2009, Torhout, Belgium


Gold --- Yasukazu Miyazato JPN 6:40:43
Silver --- Jonas Buud SWE 6:41:49 (1st European Championship)
Bronze --- Giorgio Calcaterra ITA 6:42:04 (2nd European Championship)
4th Place --- Marco Boffo ITA 6:45:38 (3rd European Championship)
5th Place --- Masakazu Takahashi JPN 6:51:17 


Gold --- Kami Semick USA 7:37:23
Silver --- Irinia Vishnevskaya RUS 7:46:25 (1st European Championship)
Bronze --- Monica Carlin ITA 7:53:57 (2nd European Championship)
4th Place --- Devon Crosby-Helms USA 7:59:17
5th Place --- Meghan Arbogast USA 8:04:28
6th Place --- Helena Crossnan IRL 8:04:40

Team Competition Men:

Gold --- Japan 20:31:01
Silver --- Italy 20:43:12 (1st European Championship)
Bronze --- France 21:00:46 (2nd European Championship)
4th Place --- Spain 21:14:59 (3rd European Championship)
5th Place --- USA 21:48:33

Team Competition Women:

Gold --- USA 23:41:08
Silver --- Russia 24:32:06 (1st European Championship)
Bronze --- Japan 24:41:21
4th Place --- Germany 25:00:39 (2nd European Championship)
5th Place --- Italy 26:06:48 (3rd European Championship)