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Mombi wins Kobe Women’s Half Marathon

25 November 2007Surging away from Kazue Ogoshi with two kilometres to go, Julia Mombi won the Kobe Women’s Half Marathon in 1:09:45 on Sunday (25).

It was also a personal best for Mombi, improving her previous best of 1:10:13 from the 2007 Sapporo Half Marathon, while moving up from her second place finish from last year.

The race quickly turned into two-woman contest between Mombi and Ogoshi. Five kilometres (16:12) into the race Ogoshi and Mombi were 41 seconds ahead of Yuri Kano and Maya Nishio, who would eventually finished third and fourth respectively. Mombi and Ogoshi continued to run together for most of the race, passing 10Km in 32:37, and 15Km in 49:22.  With 2Km remaining, when Ogoshi was leading, Mombi made a strong sudden move from the behind to open a decisive gap.

“I was planning to make my move with 2Km to go,” Mombi said.  At 20Km (1:06:09), Mombi was 13 seconds ahead of Ogoshi.  Although Ogoshi tried hard to catch up, and closed on Mombi a bit, Mombi won by eight seconds.

“I am satisfied with the race. It was bit on the warm side, but I thought it was good racing weather. My goal was to improve my personal best.  I did not mind the fast pace during the first half of the race, and was planning to make my move with 2Km to go.” Mombi will now head to high altitude training in Kunming, China, before the Japan Corporate team Ekiden Championships in mid-December. “Then I will run the Osaka Ladies Marathon, where my goal is to crack at least 2:25.” 

Mombi was fifth in the 2007 Nagoya Women’s Marathon with 2:29:38.  Kano, who finished third and Umeda, who finished sixth are also planning to run the Osaka Ladies Marathon. 

Ogoshi finished second in 1:09:53. “I am happy to crack 1:10,” she said.

Ken Nakamura assisted by Akihiro Onishi for the IAAF

Weather (at the start 9:30AM)  Sunny, temperature  15C; humidity 58%
1. Julia Mombi  (KEN)  1:09:45 
2. Kazue Ogoshi  1:09:53
3. Yuri Kano  1:13:04
4. Maya Nishio  1:13:21
5. Yukiko Matsubara  1:13:45
6. Jyuri Umeda  1:14:16
7. Fujiko Takahashi  1:14:41
8. Minori Hayakari  1:14:46
9. Chihiro Tanaka  1:15:03