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Munich to host 1999 Golden League Final

1999 Golden League Grand Prix Final to be held in Munich

20 November, 1998 - MONTE CARLO - Monaco - Following yesterday’s decisions to award the 2001 World Championships in Athletics to Edmonton and the 2001 World Indoor Championships to Lisbon, the IAAF Council agreed this afternoon to award the 1999 Golden League/Grand Prix Final to Munich. The proposed date is either September 11 or 12 but this is still to be confirmed. (Note: Canadian TV will pay a total of $2 million, not $2 million per year as stated yesterday, for the national rights for IAAF events in 1999-2000-2001).

Council also approved the proposed World Calendar for next season, with 30 meetings making up the IAAF Grand Prix circuit (including Grand Prix II) and 14 events receiving an IAAF Permit. The meeting in Doha, Qatar, has been upgraded from GP II to Grand Prix status while Athens has been upgraded from IAAF Permit to GP II. Cologne reappears on the international circuit as a Grand Prix event.

Following a recommendation of its Anti-Doping Commission, Council has agreed to put forward the case of the Sri-Lankan athlete Susanthika Jayasinghe to the IAAF Arbitration Panel.